Clipper Heritage Barley Released 1968

Adelaide University's First Malting Barley

Here at Barossa Valley Craft Malt we are excitedly growing out some heritage Clipper barley with a view to making it a front line product.  First released in 1968 by the University of Adelaide Clipper was the dominant barley variety for around 20years.  Newer varieties of barley havesince been developed with around double the yield, better disease, fungus, and pest resistance and a whole bunch of other parameters.  However what has this meant to flavour and mouth feel?

From little things big things grow

The Adelaide university were able to dig up a few kgs of Clipper barley seed from their coffers.  So in the first growing season 2018 the goal is to build up the seed bank and run a single trial malt and beer with Western Ridge Brewing.

Heritage barley resurgence

In craft beer we have seen a strong revival of old barley varieties like Maris Otter, Golden Promise and more recently Schooner through Voyager and Coopers.  Will Clipper be a roasty toasty winner or a dud.  At the moment we will just have to wait and see.....